Renji Hospital established a new family history of the system to predict the new auxiliary carcope chemotherapy effect of breast cancer

Renji Hospital established a new family history of the system to predict the new auxiliary carcope chemotherapy effect of breast cancer

Recently, the Director of the Breast Surgery Lu Jinsong, the Breast Surgery of Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, has established a neo-familyhistoryscore, NeOFHS system, which can be used as a predictive new assisted platinum treatment sensitivity. A new effective biological marker. The study also suggested that the family history of the tumor may play a double-edged role in new auxiliary chemotherapy, which can prompt breast cancer cells to be sensitive to platinum chemotherapy, but also suggest that chemotherapy is damaged by normal tissue cells. The incidence of adverse events of organ organs.

Related research results in theelancet ("Willow Knife") Sublinary ECLinicalmedicine Magazine online.

International clinical trials have shown that platinum drug sensitivity is related to homologous recombinant defects (HRD), especially BRCA1 / 2 mutations.

It is worth noting that HRD does not explain all patients with breast cancer with tumor family history.

In general, only about 20% of breast cancer patients with breast cancer family have a homologous recombination repair (HRR) gene mutation. The family history of the tumor may be reflected in the absence of HRR gene mutation, but also reflects genetic potential substances such as other protein coding genes and non-encoded RNA variations, apparent genetic disorders and unknown mechanisms. .

Then, how to evaluate the history of tumor family in breast cancer, and whether family history can predict breast cancer to accept new assisted platinum-free plasmia chemotherapy, etc., is currently an important topic that needs to be resolved in clinical practice.

In order to answer this scientific problem, the study initially established a new tumor family history evaluation system (NeOFHS scoring system) for the new predictive breast cancer, and analyzed this indicator and breast cancer. The pathological remission of adjuvant chemotherapy is completely relieved, survived and the relationship between the poisonous side effects.

The research data shows that NeOFHs can be used as a new practical and effective biological marker, which is better than the traditional, classic family history system (including Ontario rating, MANCHESTER rating and Pedigree score). Prediction and prognostic ability.

Not only can be used to predict that breast cancer accepts newly-assisted pathological complete mitigation and survival endings, but also closely related to the poisonous side reaction caused by platinum chemotherapy. This study found that NEOFHS will significantly improve model prediction capacity on the basis of clinical pathological factors.

In the future, it is necessary to further verify through forward-looking, large sample clinical trials, and it will be expected to be applied in clinical practice, thereby helping the potential respondents of newly-assisted platinum chemotherapy solutions, guiding adverse event management.

Dr. Renji Hospital, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Department of Breast Surgery, attending physician Lin Yaxi, Wang Yaohui as the first author of the papers, deputy chief physician, Yin Wenxi, chief physician Lu Jinsong as a joint communication author.

(Editor: Dong Zhiwen, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

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Shame graphic story Shu country, but dare not forget! To listen to General Secretary tells this Church "history lesson"

Shame graphic story Shu country, but dare not forget! To listen to General Secretary tells this Church "history lesson"

Another year, "12.13." Every year on this day, the air-raid sirens will be sounded over the city of Nanjing, to mourn more alert.

Shame country, but dare not forget! In this special day eighth Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, let us listen Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Church about this "history lesson" and relive the history of the national pain, cherish the memory of martyrs compatriots to respect the heart cherish peace, force committed to the revival of the nation.

[ "At the National Mourning it is to make future generations and the international community to know the truth, remember history"], "the Japanese invasion of China, Nanjing I destroyed.

Li Shu looting, killing common people. Wan thirty souls, come to grief River City.

Bleak sun and the moon, Universal shock.

"At the national public memorial plaza located in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, and on the National Mourning Ding every word blood and tears, accusing the atrocities of Japanese invaders 84 years ago, the memory of the suffering engraved into the depths of every Chinese person’s heart seven years ago, the Nanjing massacre victims of the national Mourning ceremony, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Nanjing massacre survivor representatives and one young pioneers together, the national memorial ceremony for the unveiling of the tripod. December 13, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the Nanjing the Holocaust Martyrs’ national public memorial ceremony and delivered an important speech. Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Xueren and She Guzhi to Ding notes, this cast of Kingman history.

The most heavy history of the Chinese nation, the sad picture of human civilization, and General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that forgetting history means betrayal. On December 13, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the first Nanjing Massacre’s national public festival ceremony. Research on the Microstructure of Nanjing Massacre.

On December 13, 3 years later, it was an 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Masshache tragedy.

General Secretary Xi Jinping once again attended the national public festival ceremony. After the blessing ceremony, the General Secretary walked into the Memorial Exhibition Hall and visited the Nanjing Massacre Present Exhibition. Zhang Jianjun, who was invaded to China, Nanjing Massacre, and Zhang Jianjun, the Memorial Hall of the Memorial Hall, still remembered that the General Secretary did dozens of questions, "General Secretary is very familiar with the history of the Nanjing Massacre, and highly attaches great importance to the historical realism."

On December 13, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the "Nanjing Massacre History Exhibition". Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Peng took a time to remember, a sentence is concerned, and the general secretary of Xi Jinping passes: "Nanjing Massacre tragedy is as mountain, not tamper.

Anyone who wants to deny the fact that the Nanjing Massage tragedy, history will not promise, the undead of 300,000 innocent and dead people will not agree, the 1.3 billion Chinese people will not agree, all the people in the world will not agree. "You have to use personal experience to inform the world to tell the world. Meet the representative of the Nanjing Massacre Survivor. Xia Shuqin is one of them. On December 13, 1937, Xia Shuqin’s full family grandchildren’s 9 people were killed by the Japanese army, and she was 8 years old. 3 knives After the death of the past, General Secretary Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping, was unwaffled by the first national public sacred ceremony, and the national public sacrificial secretary was unveiled; and after the ceremony encouraged her and other survivors representatives, representatives " I personally inform the world to tell the world to tell the world. On December 13, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping cordially met with the Nanjing Massacre survivor representative and the international friend relatives contributed to the victory of the Chinese people’s victory. Xinhua News Agency reporter In 2017, Peng Pei, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again saw her, holding her hand, wishing her healthy longevity.

If you can’t resist, the affection of charcoal in the snow needs to be remembered. In March 2014, President Xi Jinping once commended an international friend in the speech of the German Kolber Foundation: "The Chinese People’s Memorial La Becue is because he has great love for life and has pursued peace.

"German John La Be has worked for 30 years in China from 1908 to 1938.

In November 1937, the eve of Nanjing fell, including more than 20 foreigners, including John Ribe, and formed a "Nanjing Safety Area International Commission", set 25 refugee shelters, after this later It is impossible to save more than 250,000 Chinese refugees.

Not just John Ribe, as well as Bainhar Cinderberg, John Maggie … From the Nanjing Massacre National Faculty Ceremony, to commemorate the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and the 75th Anniversary of the World Anti-Fass War Victory General Secretary Xi Jinping recalls the various anti-fascist power of countries and people, international organizations, and other anti-fascist power to the Chinese people’s anti-Japanese war, and express their touching deeds. And Chong high-quality, always remember in the hearts of the Chinese people. "

["Peace is needed, and peace is the need to maintain"] The predecessor of Zhao Zha, the future generations. Every time I look back in history, not to continue hatred, but to learn lessons from it, better understand the next, warning future.

Just July 7, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping said to commemorate the 197th anniversary of the all-national anti-Japanese war broke out: "History is the best textbook, and the best awake." July 7, 2014, Capital In the Chinese People’s Resistance Against War Memorial, a grand session of the Commemorate, commemorating the 77th anniversary of the all-national anti-war eruption. General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the commemorative ceremony and issued an important speech. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma occupied the Chinese children experienced the cruelty of war and more realized the preciousness of peace. General Secretary Xi Jinping will be peaceful than sunshine rain, pointed out that "there is a sun rain, everything can thrive."

With peace and stability, human beings can better achieve their dreams. "The historical lessons who always remember" backward will be beaten ", stimulate self-improvement, struggle, and work together to put our country more powerful, Can always avoid the replay of historical tragedy.

"Today’s China has become a great country with strong ability to defend people’s peaceful life, and the Chinese nation has been slaughtered, and the era of bullying is not returned." At the 2014, the Nanjing Massacre National Faculty Ceremony, Xi Jinping’s words, the words of the vocal words, is a comfort that passes the martyrs of the compatriots, and is a common voice of the Chinese children in the new era.

"Today’s China is the resolute advocate and strong defenders. The Chinese people will unswervingly safeguard human peace and development. We are willing to unite with the people of all countries. And work hard! "This is the national public festival ceremony of the Nanjing Massacre in the Nanjing Massacre in December 13, 2017.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li lived in the national public festival square, and the He Ping’s big bell has been echo, as Xi Jinping’s solemn declaration, through time and space, enlightenment.

Main pen: Gao Lei, Qiu Bingqing Coordination: Yang Weihan, Wang Wei Editor: Hao Xiaomi, Bao Yinhan Xinhua News Agency Question Editor: Sun Zhiying.

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Pu Hui Financial is reflected in the people’s feelings

Pu Hui Financial is reflected in the people’s feelings

  Developing pragmatic finance, the purpose is to enhance the coverage, availability, satisfaction of financial services, to meet the growing financial needs of the people, especially to let farmers, small micro enterprises, urban low income people, disabled, old age People wait for timely financial services reasonable, convenient and safe financial services. Pleura finance is both an economic activity and also contains a value concept.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee highly attaches great importance to the Pleura Finance, and has issued a series of strategic planning and policy measures to promote PEV financial development.

Developing pragmatic finance, not only promotes its own transformation and high quality development, but also plays an important role in serving national strategies, local development and people’s production and life, reflecting the temperature of Puhui Finance.

  Temperature comes from conscious conservation as the people’s feelings.

Pully financial "grounding", with the people who serve the masses, especially those with various difficulties, are the focus of Puhui Financial Services. For example, some places are positioned to "have a temperature of the people", and send Pu Hui Financial products and services to the field, street lane, not only win the extensive agreement of all walks of life, but also hammered the style of the team, It reflects the people-oriented thinking. The temperature comes from daring to serve as social responsibility. Pleura finance is irreplaceable for solving the incumbent problem of basic financial services in my country’s rural and remote areas. This is exactly the unique meaning of the traditional finance, and is also an important form of financial institutions to achieve social value. For example, in order to win the poverty battle, many local innovations have launched poverty alleviation microfinance, although the amount is only tens of thousands, the deadline is only a few years, but it has become a strong helper for thousands of households to universally and unsatisfactory, to solve the absolute poverty problem of my country. contribute.

  Temperature comes from active providing intimate services. Conduct Pleura Finance, no matter whether the online or offline, a large number of basic work is facing the service.

The masses have the most direct experience in the service attitude, service method, service means and service efficiency of financial practitioners, and more people’s service.

For example, some places have set up "bank complex" in the urban community in the urban community, establishing a financial service station in a rural community, and integrating and integrating the grassroots governance system, establishing financial organizational staff. Financial imaginary staff, financial liaison team, with village group cadres, and assume a lot of financial advocacy work, and send financial policies and knowledge into thousands of households. Temperature comes from reasonable reduction of financing costs.

To implement the practical benefits of the Puhui Finance, it is necessary to implement the state’s policy of paying a profit in the financial aspects, and vigorously innovate financial products that are suitable for the needs of the masses, fully consider the capability of the masses, and minimize Financing costs, send quality and low price financial services to the masses, let the broad masses of people share the results of financial reform, and enhance the availability of universal finance.

At the same time, financial institutions also use this as an opportunity to enable their own business to enter low-cost operations and low-risk management’s benign cycles, thereby achieving a good situation in win-win and continuous development. Struggling a new era, engaged in new journey, and the financial ushered in the financial period. Stick to the initial heart of the financial services people, Pu Hui Finance will serve the physical economy, help rural resolution, and promote the financial live water of common prosperity into the source.

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Reporting the major illegal activities of the market supervision, 1 million

Reporting the major illegal activities of the market supervision, 1 million

Original title: Reporting the market supervision sector’s maximum illegal act (Reporter Zhang Nan) Reporting the major illegal acts in the market supervision, the award amount is up to 1 million yuan.

Recently, the State Market Supervision, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Provisional Measures for the Major Offices of Market Supervision", will be officially implemented on December 1 this year. The reward range is locked as "major illegal behavior". The category is limited to administrative punishment such as suspected crime or ordered to be suspended according to law, ordered to shut down, revoke (revoke) licensed documents, larger number of penalties and other administrative punishment.

  The "Measures" clearly, the right to report to the reporter "should be a natural person", and suggest the "Market Supervision and Management Department staff or the infringement and its entrusted agents" with statutory supervision, report compulsory personnel People or interests of interest, except for the implementation of illegal actors (except for internal reporters), there is any evidence that the reporter is not a reporter who is rewarded by any form of remuneration, rewards that should be rewarded by the report. At the same time, the consequences and legal responsibilities of the newspaper forfeeding materials, concealing facts, fracturing facts, fracturing the award, the crisp failure.

  Taking into account the professionalism, technical strength, major illegal behaviors are often more concealed and unable to detect, this time, this special set of "internal reporter reward clauses". The "Measures" stipulate that the internal personnel of the illegal subjects reported that the reward standards specified in the preceding paragraph were appropriately improved in the case of the consent of the financial sector of this grade. With the "penalty, no money" is calculated, the "Measures" improve the reward standards and rewards, and the specific amounts of the three level report rewards are 5%, 3%, and 1% of the penalty, and the minimum reward amount is 5,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan, each case’s reported reward amount is 1 million yuan. The single reward amount reached more than 500,000 yuan (including 500,000 yuan), and the market supervision and management department issued by the report rewards is determined by the government’s financial department. (Editor: Li Bo, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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The State Council issued the "14th Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan

The State Council issued the "14th Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Reporter Ren Hao) On October 28 , Recently, the State Council issued the "National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan").

"Plan" clarifies the guiding ideology, basic principles, main goals, key tasks and implementation of intellectual property work during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and has a comprehensive deployment of intellectual property work in the next five years.

"Plan" points out, adhere to quality priority, strengthen protection, open cooperation, system coordination Development, effectively support the innovation and driving development and high standard market system construction, which strongly promotes high quality development of economic and social. "Planning" proposes the new level of intellectual property protection, the new level of intellectual property rights, the intellectual property service meets the new level, the new breakthrough of intellectual property rights, and the establishment of "Higher Value of Value Patent Patent "Eight major intended indicators. "Planning" deploys a key task around five aspects: First, in a comprehensive strengthening of intellectual property protection to stimulate the innovation vitality, improve the legal policy system of intellectual property rights, strengthen intellectual property judicial protection, administrative protection, synergistic protection and source protection; Intellectual property transfer transformation effective support entity economic innovation and development, improve intellectual property transfer transformation system mechanism, improve intellectual property transfer transformation efficiency; third Promote the healthy development of intellectual property service industry; fourth is to promote the development of intellectual property international cooperation services, actively participate in global governance of intellectual property rights, improve the international cooperation of intellectual property rights, strengthen international cooperation in intellectual property protection; five is to promote intellectual property talents and Cultural construction is constructed in business development foundation. Around the five major tasks, "Plan" also established fifteen special projects such as trade secret protection projects.

It is understood that "Planning" from strengthening organizational leadership, encouraging exploration innovation, increasing investment efforts, paying close attention to work, etc., ensuring that the target task is implemented.

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The Saihan District Taxation Bureau held the "Thousand Tax Officer Service Wanjia Enterprise" activities and tax publicity month launching ceremony

The Saihan District Taxation Bureau held the "Thousand Tax Officer Service Wanjia Enterprise" activities and tax publicity month launching ceremony

To further "Hello, here have our latest policies, give you a …" Among the activities, wear "the staff of the country’s gathering for the people’s tax" tax bureau staff to come to the lobby The publicity manual of the tax payment is issued, explaining the current latest tax policy and related processes. "I am coming today to run the tax rebate business, and the new policy staff will communicate in time.

Today I learned about this ‘1 + 1 + n’ working model of our promotion, it feels particularly good, especially for our taxpayers and tax companies, the process will be more simplified. "The citizens who are waiting for the business have said. At the same time, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Taxation Bureau went into the Tax Service Department, active and taxpayers to pay the fee, through the answer, tutoring the electronic tax bureau process, accompanied Tax-related business, etc.

"The Saihan District Taxation Bureau launched the cooperative work mechanism of tax and fee in November 2020, set up a team, set a hotline, broaden N channels," 1 + 1 + N "working mode, actively promoted" non- Contact "Taxes". Since the mechanism, 102 taxpayers, the actual problems of the payer have been collected and resolved through a variety of channels such as 4393966 hotline, which effectively improved the total satisfaction of the taxpayer.

Next, the Saihan District Taxation will continue to take powerful measures, actively implement the state tax of the State Administration of Taxes, and deepen the concept of reform and opening the New Bureau ‘, ensure that taxpayers, payers’ to run a maximum of’ or even Take a business, solve the problem, and further optimize the contribution of the capital business environment! Li Xiangyang, head of the Duty Service Department of the Duty Service Bureau of the Saihan District Taxation Bureau, introduced the reporter. (Wan Yongjie Donglei) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).

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The first Jilin Consumption Festival will start the nine major sections "one benefit" on September 8th.

The first Jilin Consumption Festival will start the nine major sections "one benefit" on September 8th.

People’s Network Changchun September 6 (Reporter Wang Emperor) Today, Jilin Provincial Government Information Office holds a press conference to further cultivate consumption hotspots, excavate consumption potential, build new consumption platform, Jilin Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government Decided, from From September 8th to October, the first Jilin "98 Consumption Festival" was held. It is reported that the first Jilin Consumption Festival is organized by the Jilin Provincial Government, and the business, Wenbao, sports and other departments participated in the organization, which plan to hold a launching ceremony at No. 1 4 of Hongqi Street Wanda Plaza on September 8. Build the "1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + N" activity framework this year’s consumption festival activities to build three online platforms on the platform, namely the CFD consumption platform, catering consumption platform, and Huimin payment platform. Wen Travel Consumer Platform. Catering consumption platform.

Huimin payment platform.

Mainly with China Silver joint, joint signing merchants take terminal payment, electronic coupons, limited purchase, providing goods and service discounts to conduct online promotions.

Overall design, highlight the nine large plate plates – brand consumption.

Plate two – night economy consumption.

Tripartite – Beauty Health Consumption. Plate four – bulk consumption. Plate five – imported goods consumption.

Plate six – catering consumption. Seven – Text Travel Consumption. Plate eight – new consumption.

Plate nine – home consumption.

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Shanxi 434,400, wherever the rain is disaster

Shanxi 434,400, wherever the rain is disaster

  Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan October 22 (Reporter Xu Xiong) reporter learned from the press conference held on the 22nd of the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office, Shanxi Water Disaster has caused a disaster in different degrees of poverty, help work Already started. Gao Yaodong, deputy director of Shanxi Provincial Rural Revitalization, said at the press conference, after deeply touching the "three guarantees" and drinking water safety, the poverty reduction industry, etc. The population is affected to afford, and there are 1363 households with newly incorporated monitors. At present, Shanxi Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau is organizing a resident team and the first secretary, actively carrying out the help of disaster help.

At the same time, it is arranged for 64.28 million central cohesive funds for disaster recovery and reconstruction; cooperation with financial institutions, solves the needs of brillion counts, the povertyst, and the poverty, and the need for insurance institutions will increase the quality and speed of claims; coordinate The Provincial Department of Finance will take off the poor, and the monitors are all incorporated into the scope of damage to the damaged farmhouse; and the annual output of the photovoltaic population is 1.8 billion yuan, prioritize the post-disaster reconstruction project and distribute public welfare post wages. Gao Yaodong said, the next step, they will further do a good job in monitoring object identification work, ensure that they do not leave the dead end, do not leave the blind zone, do not leak one household, do not fall, do not fall; simultaneously carry out data information sharing, prevent the return of the pioneering joint meeting system, Timely feedback from the affected country, depleting poor and monitoring households, implement industry assistance responsibility; and further play the first secretary of the village, the role of the team, to promote the implementation of policy measures, ensure that the victims of the victims are safe Eat, have your own safety room, warm winter, happy New Year. (over).

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The Standing Committee of the Dejiang County Committee held a meeting to convey to study and implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party.

The Standing Committee of the Dejiang County Committee held a meeting to convey to study and implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party.

On November 14, the Standing Committee of the Dejiang County Committee held a meeting to convey the spirit of studying the sixth plenary meeting of the Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and studying the implementation of Dejiang County. The meeting pointed out that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is an important historical moment of the 100th anniversary of the party. The first hundred years of struggle in the party and the people have achieved the first hundred years of struggle, comprehensively built a well-off society, and is building a socialist modernization in an all-round way. The second hundred years of struggle goal is held, and the new era, unified will, unified action, united, united, unified, unified, united, and united, united, and united the new era of all nationalities, which has a new era of new era, has a major practical significance and Deep Historical Significance.

The "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China" is a Political Declaration of Marxist Programming Documents. It is a guide to the history of the future, to create a future, to achieve the "National Great Rejuvenation", will inspire the whole party to win more glory on the new era. The meeting emphasized that all departments at all levels should firmly consciously and follow the core, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", and promote the establishment of the party’s nineteen The spirit of the Plenary Session as the major political tasks, precision grasps, profoundly understand the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the Plenary Session, and earnestly unify the great achievements of the Thought and Action to the 10th Year of the People’s Republic of China, especially the historicality of the new era. Advanced and historic transformation, unify the historical significance of the struggle of hundreds of years, in valuable experience in the party’s 100-year struggle, unified to the new era of the Communist Party of China, unified to the Party Central Committee on convening the party’s 20th major importance Decided to come up, truly learn to learn, understand, internalization, and externalization. Meeting requirements, we must adhere to the overall situation of high quality development, focus on "four new" main attack "Four", focus on "one heart five city" struggle, struggle to achieve industry big breakthrough, urban and towns increase, agriculture development, tourism To practice the people-oriented thinking, constantly realize the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people; to coordinate development and safety, focus on preventing significant risks, ensuring the safety of the county; The spirit of the Plenary Session is a variety of learning preaching, ensuring that the spirit of the Plenary is rooted in the Dejiang, and the results are found.

To carry forward the good style, continue to promote the new great project of the new era of the party, continue to strengthen the construction of the grassroots party organization, put the strict primary base, continuously consolidate the good political ecology of developing the wind, welcoming excellent results The party’s 20th National Help.

The county is directly responsible for comrades to participate in the meeting.

(Zhang Jie, Fu Xiaohong) Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

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Snaps with chili salts, boiled soup tea … Tropical fruit pattern to eat

Snaps with chili salts, boiled soup tea … Tropical fruit pattern to eat

Hainan is rich in tropical fruits, and the four seasons of melons are fragrant in the four seasons, not only have a wide variety. When the sweet fruit encounters a salty spicy salt, what is the taste experience? Fruit soup, old salt fruit tea, sour Yang Tao fish soup, yellow-legged chicken, etc. special food, etc. You come to "unlock".

Tourists from Beijing Yang Yibi in Hainan tried the presence of a pomegranate on a pepper salt. "Sweet crispy guava is mixed with salty and spicy flavor, and several tastes collide in the mouth, integrate, and the taste is very rich." Yang Yibi said. Fruit soup salt is one of the fruits of Hainan’s favorite fruit.

When cutting blocks of mango, guava, pineapple and other tropical fruits on chili salt, colorful seductive, sweet in the sweet, unique taste, to stop the diners. "I like the food of Qing mango, the pepper, the pepper salt has reduced the sweetness of the green mango, and the crispy mouth is accompanied by a pepper flavor. The more chewing the fragrance is more and more." "Fruit soup" fans Wu Lijun said.

In the streets in Hainan, if you pay attention, you will find a small cart on a small cart, soak mango, guava, pineapple, etc. The container is in salt water, so soaking can make the fruit lock, and can remove the fruit of the fruit, so that the taste is sweeter.

If a customer is patron, the owner will cut the fruit into a small piece, sprinkle with a pepper salt and pack it, and put it in several toothpicks, which is convenient for diners.

"I want to be sweeter, get salt.

"Hainan streams this statement. This actually has a certain scientific basis.

Studies have found that two or more kinds of illicit substances are properly prepared, which can make the taste of the substance more prominent.

For example, the biological penetration of the watermelon will change the structure of the watermelon cell structure and "dehydration". The sugar concentration becomes relatively high, and the watermelon becomes more sweet. Hot summer, cold drink is a lot of people ‘s cooling "artifact".

In Hainan, old salt fruit tea is received by everyone, whether it is a nameless shop or a net red street restaurant, you can modulate a refreshing and salty and salty fruit tea.

The practice of old salt fruit tea is not complex, cutting fresh fruit into small pieces, put into the container to mild, add appropriate amount of old salt and ice, let the pulp, ice cubes and old salt collide, fuse.

Drink, cold, delicious, and you can get great satisfaction. Hainan people usually make colorful fruit dishes according to the characteristics of fruit.

In the Sanya Sheep, sour Yang Taoquan soup is a delicious dish. In the fresh fish soup, add sour aspiration, not only remove the smell and greasy, so that the whole pot soup has become sweet and sweet, and the fish is sweet, and the flavor and nutrition have got a maximum reservation.

The yellow-legged chicken in Zhangzhou is also loved by diners.

The ingredients mainly use the local small chicken and yellow leaf leaves in Zhangzhou, equipped with famous Chinese medicine, slow cooking.

The chicken surrounded by the yellow leaf leaves is in the moment of unveiling the pot, fluttering the yellow skin alone. The fragrant yellow-skinned and freshly refreshing chicken combined with a unique fragrance, fat but not greasy, excellent taste. (Editor: Pan Hui Wen, Chen Haiyan).

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